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A shelf-stable, high-quality amnion-derived injectable allograft

What is NuDYN?

NuDYN™ is a shelf-stable injectable flowable amniotic membrane allograft that is derived from a donated placenta obtained via cesarean delivery. The resulting product retains the beneficial intrinsic properties of the amniotic membrane, which includes hyaluronic acid, collagen, and growth factors. These natural properties of the allograft provide protection, lubrication, and support to tissue.

NuDYN™ is provided by Fidia, a world leader in hyaluronic acid technology.

Potential Specialty Applications

  • Orthopedics
  • Pain Management
  • Sports Medicine
  • Podiatry

Why NuDYN™?


Sterilized to be shelf-stable at normal room temperatures while retaining beneficial intrinsic properties of the amniotic membrane, allowing for a short procedure time and no need for special equipment.

Exceeds FDA-Required Tests

Third-party CLIA-certified labs conduct serological and endotoxin testing to ensure that the safety and quality of this product exceeds FDA requirements.


A true acellular injectable allograft that is devoid of chorion and non-immunogenic.

No Reconstitution

Due to its liquid state, there is no need for healthcare providers to spend time adding a specific volume of saline to restore the allograft to a liquid state for injection.

Benefits of NuDYN™


Convenient, Short Procedure





The Step-by-Step Process

Quality, safety, and value from start to finish

  • 1

    Extensive donor screening to ensure safety

  • 2

    All tissue collected from cesarean delivery births are from young healthy donors

  • 3

    Tissue is delivered on ice to the lab within 1-24 hours

  • 4

    Tissue is cleaned and the membrane is electron-beam sterilized rendering an acellular allograft

  • 5

    Rigorous serological testing by third-party lab to ensure safety

  • 6

    NuDYN™ is shelf-stable due to being acellular

  • 7

    Priority shipping is standard as part of our value to providers

  • 8

    Preparation instructions and records portal access included for HCT/P tracking at

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Learn more about NuDYN™ by downloading our patient guide and speaking to your doctor.


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